AutoCAD 2D / CAD

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Course Aim

This introductory course is intended to take the user to a level of proficiency that will allow them to create, edit and save AutoCAD 2D drawings.

Course Duration

2 days

Target Group

New or recent users of AutoCAD or those wishing to gain a better understanding of the basic functionalities.

Qualification Gained

On successful completion delegates will receive a Gen2 AutoCAD 2D Certificate.

By the end of the course the participants will be
able to:

• Create 2D drawings using wizards, templates and start from scratch
• Create a drawing template – layers, drafting settings, snaps and grids
• Understand display commands – pan, zoom, redraw and regen
• Draw Objects – lines, circles/ellipses and polygons - Use of Absolute Co-ordinates, Relative Referencing, Polar Co-ordinates and Direct Distance Entry (DDE). Use of Offset tool
• Edit drawings
• Understand dimensioning drawings
• Manage Content – creating & inserting blocks, cut and paste, AutoCAD Design Centre elements
• Plotting – setting up a plot, viewports, page setup
• Save drawings in various formats for editing and e-mailing


This course can be delivered from any of the following Gen2 Training Centres:

  • Gen2 Lillyhall Centre
  • Gen2 Energus Centre
  • Gen2 Carlisle Centre
  • Gen2 Furness Centre


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