Business Improvement Techniques - NVQ L2

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Course Aim

This course is designed to encourage team working in order to improve workplace organisation and introduce continuous improvement tools and techniques. This course benefits both the employer and employee. Benefits such as improved business performance, reduced cost and waste and reduction in staff turnover can all be attributed to this training.

Course Duration

Standard 6 months - NVQ Level 2 BIT is carried outby a once per month visit in the workplace carried out by Gen2 assessment staff. Learners will be required to complete a business improvement project. The course begins with a 2 day introduction to the fundamentals of business improvement techniques carried out at a Gen2centre.

Target Group

Business improvement techniques can be applied in all industries. Gen2 has experience working with customers and delivering substantial business benefits and can design and tailor courses for sectors which include manufacturing, process, engineering, logistics, retail, stock control, foodand drink, business and the office environment.

Qualification Gained

On successful completion delegates will receive an NVQ Level 2 certificate in Business Improvement Techniques.

The primary objective of the Business Improvement Techniques qualification is to improve business performance as a whole. This can only be done by empowering the people whomake up the organisation; this includes top level management, middle management, team leaders and all other employees who will have a part to play in improving the performance of the business.  In order for businesses to improve performance, change within the workplace has to take place.The change starts with the business improvement techniques qualification which will enable organisations to train their employers towards the competencies they will need to achieve this qualification.

By the end of the course the candidates will beable to use the following tools and techniques intheir workplace:

• KAIZEN (continuous Improvement)
• 5 C’s (Workplace Organisation
• Problem Solving
• Visual Management
• Team-working

This course can be delivered from any of the following Gen2 Training Centres:

  • Gen2 Lillyhall Centre
  • Gen2 Energus Centre
  • Gen2 Carlisle Centre
  • Gen2 Furness Centre

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